The Benefits of staying at Fairway

As well as having all of the usual aged care catering, cleaning, laundry and care services overseen by an experienced Registered Nurse, Fairway also provides the below additional services.

Medical and Nursing Care

All residents have health issues, either physical, cognitive or a combination of both. Clinical issues are of vital concern and all residents are closely monitored. The resident’s GP oversees all medical orders in collaboration with nursing staff. Direct care is provided by nurses and personal carers over the 24 hour continuum. Medications, wound care, observations, treatments and nursing interventions are managed with expertise and confidence.

Fairway has a highly trained and experienced Div. 1 RN as our Clinical Care Co-Ordinator. We have 24 hours on call RN1 cover, as well as each shift being overseen by a Nurse in Charge. Fairway’s staff to resident ratio is extremely generous.

If hospitalization is required for acute illness, Sandringham Hospital is right next door. Where possible we try to avoid the disruption hospitalisation causes by calling upon the services of Alfred Hospital’s Mobile Assessment and Treatment Service. This Doctor and Nurse team does in-house assessments and can organize for many treatments to be carried out within the resident’s own room. The regular GP is always consulted with full follow-up provided.

Palliative Care is handled sensitively and openly

This is a time for trust and excellent communication. Resident and family wishes are paramount and Advance Care Planning is offered to all to ensure that wishes are fulfilled. Fairway has the resources and medical and nursing expertise to ensure a gentle and dignified final chapter. The family are welcomed to stay and sleep over, meals and refreshments are offered regularly and all staff work to dispel any fears or concerns. We treat the end of life with great respect and understanding. By being of support through this huge family event we honour our dear residents and memories are always of an uplifting time of sharing, warmth and love.

Activity and Lifestyle Services

The difference between existing and truly living is the attention paid to the social, spiritual, emotional and intellectual needs of people. Loneliness and isolation are banished once entering Fairway, with a huge range of social and creative interests to become involved in. Choice is the thing and there are outlets for all personality types from those who enjoy reading and passive interests through to those who relish outings on the bus or “Cycling without Age” by the beach. The therapeutic effect of music and art therapy is well documented, and trained therapists oversee our programs. Other choices include craft, quizzes, trivia, armchair travel, knitting group, movies, indoor golf, rumikin, mahjong, High Teas, bibliography and literature group, walking groups, newspaper reading, conversation groups, visiting library services, visiting musicians and entertainers.

There are many other pleasurable experiences to be enjoyed as well as spiritual services with all major cultural events celebrated to the full.

Having our own bus is a boon for outings including the library, Ricketts Point Tea House, and many other destinations.

Our Lifestyle Manager is innovative and inspiring, leading a large team which utilizes the Montessori approach of maximizing independence and self determination rather than over-protecting in the face of functional decline.

Our Services

  • All care overseen by a Registered Nurse
  • 24 hour care provided by a fantastic and caring staff
  • Specialised high dementia care and personalised lifestyle programs are provided in the tailor made environment of our high care wing.
  • A respectful palliative care program
  • A seven day / week lifestyle program with choices galore
  • An extensive allied health program with four physiotherapists and four masseurs, and podiatry services are available.
  • Delicious home cooked meals provided meeting any dietary requirement.
  • Cleaning and laundry services par excellence.
  • Maintenance and gardening services to keep our house beautiful
  • Administration and support services to keep the wheels turning

Additional Services: Enriched Living

  • Wine/beer served with lunch and dinner and at regular happy hours
  • Home cooked morning and afternoon tea
  • Where residents have arranged for newspapers delivery to the Hostel, delivery on receipt to rooms
  • Tai Chi and exercise classes to promote mobility and relaxation
  • Pet therapy to promote a homelike environment
  • An occasional in house shopping service to allow residents to maintain independence and to optimise choice and decision making by purchasing small items at cost price
  • Wine and cheese afternoons
  • High teas using the fine china collected by lifestyle staff
  • Internet Café
  • Literature Appreciation Programme which provides an opportunity for self expression
  • Periodic Armchair travel talks
  • Regular visiting entertainers
  • Raised vegetable garden beds for independent use by residents or with the gardener's assistance
  • An escorted walking programme through the local parks.
  • A state of the art security system, with electronic disabled access to garden areas.