The role of the Sandringham Aged Care Association (SACA) and the elected Committee of Management

Sandringham Aged Care Association Inc (SACA), trading as Fairway Hostel, has, since 1991, been the title given to the not-for-profit entity formed to utilize the original 30 bed licenses provided by the Federal Government to alleviate the perceived lack of residential aged care beds in the Bayside area. A group of like – minded people (many with voluntary service backgrounds) formed this Incorporated Association to raise money for a community based operation built upon land provided by the then Sandringham City Council. Another 32 beds were added in 2004.

This group still auspices Fairway. Its membership consists of people who share the following criteria “To have an interest in supporting Fairway Hostel”. Its membership reflects the community of friends of Fairway Hostel, and is re-invigorated regularly. We have been exceedingly lucky in attracting people from different professional backgrounds. Many have had loved ones at Fairway Hostel and, through appreciating its unique culture close up, they have determined to keep this “ built on a dream” venture alive and well into the future. Members of the Association vote at the Annual General Meeting for those within its ranks who have nominated to be on the Committee of Management in a voluntary and non-remunerated capacity.

The seven member Committee of Management team works tirelessly to meet all the legislative requirements subsumed within their Governance role, including strategic direction planning to take Fairway into the future. Equally as important is their commitment to work with the CEO to ensure that Fairway’s unique culture of service through values is not only maintained but ever strengthened.

Fairway Hostel, as the service operated by SACA in its residential aged care provider role, has flourished over the years with Commonwealth Government Quality – previously Accreditation – audits and is held as an exemplar by local Doctors and health services. It is in an extremely healthy financial situation due to the excellent stewardship provided over the years.

SACA Committee of Management Members for 2016 – 2017

Vincent Savage

Michael Scully
Vice President

Anthony Price

Kevin McDonnell

Laurence Evans
Committee Member

Anna Emanuel
Committee Member

Angela Mills
Committee Member