Respite Day Care

Respite Day Care

Fairway’s Day Respite Program offers a unique experience of fun and stimulation with great food and amenities overseen by fully qualified staff.

Many ageing folk in the community lose confidence and their old “zing” as social experiences can become much more difficult to enjoy with decreased mobility and so many family members overrun with time-consuming obligations of work and children.

Carers themselves often need time out and a day here and there to attend an appointment or to simply to catch their breath. Sometimes the elderly – no matter how dearly they are loved – can be a source of concern to carers. We all need a balance!

A day at Fairway can be rewarding for all and is a fantastic prelude to full-time residency if this is a future consideration for you.

We have nursing staff who can help any medications need during your day, and diversional therapy staff who are always available to ensure that our Day Respite guests are constantly supported in activities which can be creative, social, stimulating or peaceful. The choice is huge and Fairway provides a loving welcome with a laid-back guest-house camaraderie.

The day starts at 10am with a home-baked morning tea, than an activity of choice (it could be joining a discussion group, a trivia quiz, tai chi exercises, craft, or attending a concert or watching a film), lunch is at 12 noon – a beautiful two course meal with wine or beer in the dining room. From 1 p.m. there may be another activity and then afternoon tea at 3 p.m. After further pleasurable socializing, the day ends at 4 p.m. when our guests are collected by family or friends.

We can combine Day Respite with more advanced therapies such as Art, Massage and Music therapy or you could visit our Hair Salon for a hairdo, manicure or facial at an additional cost.

It is a day of fun and spoiling.

For a discussion of your needs, please direct all enquires to our Lifestyle Manager on (03) 9599 4189.