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Residential Aged Care is designed for those who can no longer manage to live at home with the support of a live-in or visiting carer.

Residential Aged Care provides full time care services as required and meets all general living requirements including meals, laundry, cleaning, building maintenance and insurance as well as utilities costs.

Fairway Hostel has a three step application process for either permanent residential aged care and day respite care.

Step One

ACAT Assessment

The government has a system for assessing prospective resident s for suitability for acceptance into the government subsidised system of residential aged care that is in place at Fairway Hostel. This is an Aged Care Assessment and is conducted mobile ACAT teams.

You can ask your GP to arrange an assessment, or you can telephone 1800 200 422, or book one through the government web-site:

It can take several weeks for an assessment to be finalised, so it is a good idea to organise this as early as possible.

An ACAT assessment is required for entry into Fairway Hostel’s permanent residential care.

Step Two

Income and Assets Assessment

The government requires a contribution towards care provided from those who can afford to do so.

At the same time, the government will provide an additional subsidy for those who are applying for a financially supported permanent residential care place.

In both of the situations, in order to assess the applicable Means Tested Care Fee or eligibility for a government supported place, the government requires each prospective resident to complete and submit a form: Permanent Residential Aged Care – Request for a Combined Asset and Income Assessment (SA457). This form is available on the government website

For low means residents, Fairway Hostel requires a copy of the government response letter to this form before your application can be processed.

For all other applicants, the government requires receipt of the completed form within 28 days of admission otherwise the Department will apply penalties in the form of very high Means Tested Care Fees!

Step Three

Fairway Hostel Application Forms

Application forms are available directly from Reception or by emailing or telephoning (03) 9599 4199.

Day Respite Care

View Day Respite Services

This program is a great prelude to permanent care. It gives insight into a typical day of fun, friendship, activities and good food. You can book one or more days per week, as you wish.

Step One

Arrange for day respite assessment by Fairway Hostel Staff

Discuss your day respite needs with the Day Respite Coordinator on 9599 4189 or 0429 661 114, or by emailing

Step Two

Book available days for day respite care

Check if your required dates are available and process a booking with the Day Respite Coordinator as listed above during week-day office hours.

Step Three

Day Respite Application Forms and Day Respite Deposit

When you book dates for day respite care, you will be given all of the appropriate application forms to complete and return with a $100 holding deposit which will be deducted from your monthly final fee.